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RTLxHA CTF 21 ini berjalan selama 1 hari 12 jam, dimulai pada tanggal 2021–07–31 05:00:00 (UTC) sampai dengan Tanggal 2021–08–01 17:00:00 (UTC). Pada deskripsi event pada mereka mengatakan ini ada sebuah CTF yang mudah, tapi jujur challenge yang diberikan tidak lah mudah, saya hanya berhasil menjawab 5/24 challenge.


  1. Basic


Pada challenge ini tidak lah susah dan juga tidak mudah, karena challenge ini cukup tricky dalam mencari alur yang tepat dari peng-eksekusian program yang diberikan.

Seperti yang direkomendasikan dalam deskripsi challenge, disini saya membuat virtual machine menggunakan Ubuntu OS pada vmware, berikut settinganya.

Conquer the world by IEEE-VIT is a jeopardy style CTF open to anyone on the internet. The the challenges are spread all across the globe and participants needs to solve these challenges and collect the flags. This event is one day event and start from Sat, 31 Oct. 2020, 04:00 EDT until Sun, 02 Nov. 2020, 01:30 AM.

Binary Exploitation

1. binary1

This event is event that for beginner, so it will teach you some basic to intermediate challenge and will teach you new method and new understanding about some security awarenes, this event start from 30th October to 1th November.

I play this event with my friends, you can check his blog here.

Reverse Engine

1. Password1

Hacktober CTF is 2 day event that organized by Cyber Hacktics, This event start from 9am CDT on Friday, October 16, and will end at 9pm CDT on Saturday, October 17.

On this event i play with my friends from myanmar (You can check his blog here), and we’er solved 38 of 47 challenges, to start playing this event you need to solved challenge start category first, if you solved all of them, web automatically start released the real challenges, on this writeup im not gonna wrote writeup for start category, there’s a some challenge solved by my friend, so…

DamCTF is a Capture the Flag competition hosted by the Oregon State University Security Club (OSUSEC). The competition is designed for college teams, but all are welcome to play.

in this CTF i only solve 2 from 30 challenge.


1. finger-warmup (beginner)

B01lers CTF bootcamp is a brand-new super-introductory CTF for beginners. It is also a training camp!, this event is running from Sat, 03 Oct. 2020, 13:00 UTC until Mon, 05 Oct. 2020, 00:00 UTC.


1. Dream Stealing

DarkCTF is two day virtual hacking conference organized by DarkArmy team from ctftime, the competition is running from Fri, 25 Sept. 2020, 07:00 SCT until Sun, 27 Sept. 2020, 07:00 SCT!

(Pada challenge ini berhubung saya bermain dadakan, jadi ada satu dua challenge tidak saya solve secara manual, saya ikut bermain pada ctf ini 9 jam sebelum selesai, berhubung saya bermain sendiri, jadi waktu cukup mepet)


1. Sanity Check.

DownUnderCTF is a online world-wide Capture The Flag (CTF) competition targeted at Australian secondary and tertiary students though is open to everyone to compete. Its main goal is to try to up-skill the next-generation of potential Cyber Security Professionals, as well as increase the size of the CTF community here in Australia. This event is a cross collaboration between 13 different Cyber Security Societies around the country trying to make a difference in the Cyber Security community by providing a national cyber security competition within Australia, which is also open to the world.


1. Shell this!

Baik kali ini saya bermain CSAWCTF 2020, pada CTF ini saya hanya bisa menyelesaikan 3 challenge :’(, karena saya juga bukan seorang profesional.

Challenge yang saya berhasil solved adalah roppity pwn, Perfect Secrecy crypto, dan widthless web

Baik pada challenge kali ini, saya cukup membutuhkan waktu lama, karena saya baru pertama kali melakukan exploitation menggunakan method Ret2Libc Attack, baik langsung saja kita jalankan dan buka program kedalam GDB.


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